Operations Manager


I am 52 years old and am originally from Germany with Greek-German roots, and grew up in a state called Baden Württenberg in southern Germany. I moved to Norway in 1995 and have lived in Norway longer than in Germany now. In 2004 I chose to become a Norwegian citizen and have never regretted my decision. Sometimes I say when I travel to Germany, now I'm going home; enough vacation now. I moved to Svalbard in 2017 and I don't even know what has happened. Suddenly I was in Svalbard and was bitten by the Arctic bug as they usually say here in Longyearbyen. “The mainland is nice, but Svalbard is the best.”

My philosophy

Knowledge is the key to growth and I have always had one of those curiosities like “curiosity killed the cat” to increase my knowledge. What I do not know I will find out anyway, because knowledge is the key to life. Knowledge is there to share, to try, experiment and by all means "realize that we do not know everything.” When you have realized it and the adversity meets a well, then all you have to do is take off your skirt and go to work to make room for it. The very best thing in this life I know is talking straight from the heart and calling a cat for a cat. If I'm going to start by selling a shovel as a monkey, then I should have chosen to become a politician instead.

We have far too little time to go around the porridge and by all means "I stand for what I say.”

Polar Cruising AS

As an operations manager, I emphasize that our guests feel safe and welcome. Hospitality and a good portion of humanity are our basic rules. Sharing knowledge is the foundation in our philosophy at Polar Cruising AS and we will build on this concept. I benefit from my studies within peace and conflicts globally, Arctic geopolitics and wrote my bachelor's degree about Svalbard. Teamwork is the alpha and omega at a very essential level. Every guest who travels with us should know that we do our best to ensure your safety, Norwegian rules and laws. Most importantly we put people and their search for knowledge and learning about Svalbard very high on our list. My experiences from the tourism industry and many other jobs I have had as an employee, manager, general manager, etc. will benefit our guests. We at Polar Cruising AS have placed our value very high on our corporate philosophy and ensure our guests when they choose to travel with us, and after the trip that they have something to say about us and their friends. Welcome to Svalbard at Polar Cruising AS dept. Spitsbergen/Svalbard.

Wolfgang J.Lempe