Hiking Adventdalen (May to October)

Welcome to Polar Cruising - a historic hike to Adventdalen the Valley. This is the ultimate experience for you who want to experience Svalbard's history and nature. For example, you will learn more about the history of coal in the area, and how the Svalbard we know today came to be. 

The trip is perfect for both photographers, the historically interested and anyone who loves the outdoors. Join us on a historical hike in Adventdalen and Longyearbyen to experience the magnificent nature there. Our guide will provide a lecture about the discovery of Svalbard 1596, all the way to our modern times. Here you will learn a lot about the time of the occupation, and the day when the Svalbard Treaty was signed. Get an insight into the exciting history of Svalbard


- Meeting: 9 am - pick up at our local store Coop

- Mini. number of participants: 2
- Max. number of participants: 12

- Min. age: 12

- Durations with breaks around 7 hours
- It is mandatory to have travel insurance

What you need:

- Backpack (20-30 liters)

- Warm clothes
- Mountain boots
- Rain jacket
- Windproof clothes
- Wool sweater or sweater
- Gloves
- Sunglasses
- Scarf
- Good mood!

NOK 1795,- (p.p)


- Lunch outside

- Snacks along the way

- Thermos with hot water

- Softdrinks

- SAR insurance (Sea Air Rescue)

Not included:

- Fly tickets to/from Longyearbyen

- Beer, wine, spirits etc.

- Hotel (overnight)

- Recommended to have travel insurance

- All other fees in Longyearbyen

- Transfer from your hotel