Shipping Manager


I am 49 years old and grew up in Vesterålen in a village called Hennes. All the way back to the age of 7-8 Svalbard has been triggering thoughts. My first trip to Svalbard was 18-20 January 2015 in connection with a review of a delivery of a dump truck body for a truck to transport coal from Mine 7 to the dock in Longyearbyen. My employer Istrail AS and Bertel O Steen worked together on this project for the delivery. It was the dark season and a snowstorm and not much to see, so it was quite clear then when the dump truck was handed over in August I would be going up to Svalbard again. After this there have been many trips back to Svalbard – after a while I have lost all counts. 

My philosophy

Nothing is impossible, it just takes a little longer, a “no is always the start of a yes.” Do not worry about tomorrow, you know...most problems will anyway be just smoke in the sky. I enjoy it best outdoors and out of my own comfort zone. If I have set a goal, I often end up there. I often hear from friends and family that I am not well-preserved and short of a six-pack – actually I can not deny either. Life is too short to worry about anything that can go wrong.

My quote I am using in my daily life:

If you give up you are lost already before you have even started. Everything goes just in the right direction. Either it goes well or all goes down the drain.

Polar Cruising AS

Polar Cruising AS is a 100% Norwegian-owned small shipping company. Our logo has mountains in the background, and the peak mountains symbolize the mountains found on the mainland Norway while the flat mountains symbolize the mountains on Spitsbergen/Svalbard. The sun/moon symbolizes our four seasons with the midnight sun or moonlight in the dark. The boat is a speedboat that symbolizes our way to drive tourism. The transport stages will go fast and the experiences on land longer. We at Polar Cruising AS have pointed our focus to following principles: Safety, comfort and the environment, and when our guests have been with us on tour they have received the following: seen, experienced and learned. The profile of our boat has clear and strong national colors: red, white and blue. This to show that we are a Norwegian shipping company with a Norwegian crew. Our primary focus is to follow laws and regulations when we transport guests with our vessels along the Norwegian coastline and Spitsbergen/Svalbard.